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Upcoming events on Saba - 2024

10k by Chez - Run & Relay

April 27

The second edition of Saba's 10K by Chez! Where even the uphill is uphill. You can sign up in a team or do the 10K by yourself. Prepare yourself for some elevation!

Saba Triathlon

May 18

Join us in the annual Saba Triathlon, where even the swim is uphill!

You can choose to participate in a team of 2 or 3. Or do the whole Triathlon by yourself. This is a one of a kind triathlon!

Saba Hike 4-daagse

This event will cover four Saturdays in August and September. Every Saturday you will do a different hike and end with a drink/bite included. It is possible to do one, two, three or all four hikes.

Armed Forces Trail Run

Saba's First 16 km Trail Run through the island's iconic trails. Be sure to have 1,5 liter of water with you before starting the race. Are you ready for the challenge?

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About Event 66


Jochem Batstra

Jochem Batstra

CEO & Founder Event 66

Event 66 is inspired by Food 66, a company name that was used by my father. He got this name with the idea to combine food and Route 66. Because my father never got the chance to pursuit this dream, I wanted to honor him by using part of the company name and combine it with something I love to do; organizing events.

When I think about Route 66 I think global. An iconic route that stretches far beyond you can see. That’s what I would like to do with Event 66. Create experiences around the globe to enhance and positively impact the health of the individual. 

With Event 66 I try to reach that goal by organizing events with a social and sporty character. No matter the route and what the event might be, I hope to positively impact, far beyond the eye can see.

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